The barn climate check

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Challenge of optimal climatic conditions
in the outdoor climate barn

Regardless of whether a new barn is being built or an existing building is being used - not only the construction method and the orientation of the building have an influence on the ventilation, but also the products used to optimise the barn climate.

In order to be able to guarantee a high level of animal welfare, all factors that have an influence on the barn climate must be correct. The THI (temperature-humidity index) can be used to quickly determine whether there is a risk of heat stress in the open barn. Heat stress is not only a threat in hot summer months, but also, for example, at 23 degrees and increased humidity. The human perception of temperature differs greatly from the perception of your animals. What you perceive as pleasant can often be unpleasant and bad for your animals. What is the climate situation and ventilation like in your open barn?

Let's find out together during a barn climate check!

What is the barn climate check?

Careful measurement and analysis of the stable climate

Together with a barn climate consultant from HUESKER, a barn inspection and careful measurement of the climate situation in your cattle barn takes place and initial findings are obtained. A brief analysis of the measured values and abnormalities takes place on site, giving you a quick overview of your barn climate and initial feedback.

Afterwards, the measurement results are analysed and a detailed barn climate report is prepared. During a further visit by the HUESKER barn climate consultant, all results are explained and the potential for improvement is discussed together.

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The barn climate check in detail

From the enquiry to the analysis

  1. Send a request for a barn climate check.
  2. The HUESKER barn climate consultant will contact you. Together you go through a list of questions in order to optimally prepare the on-site appointment. You then set an appointment.
  3. During a joint tour and inspection of the barn building, you will get an initial overview of the situation together.
  4. Installation of the mobile SmartBox for recording the barn climate parameters.
  5. Carrying out the wind measurement, the fog tests and checking by means of thermal imaging camera.
  6. Explanation of the short-time measurement and evaluation of the first measurement results.
  7. Detailed analysis and interpretation of the measurement results by the HUESKER barn climate team and preparation of an individual barn climate report for you.
  8. Presentation of the results and recommendations for improving your barn climate by a HUESKER barn climate consultant in a personal meeting.

The smart barn climate system

More animal welfare through intelligent solutions

Discover Lubratec Smart

Simply healthy barn climate

With Lubratec Smart, you can implement modern barn climate control technology through the intelligent networking of Lubratec ventilation and lighting products. The smart measuring system means that you can be sure of an ideal barn climate at all times.

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The “know how” behind the Lubratec systems

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